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Policy Summit: Balkans - Boosting connections on the road to the EU, Brussels

2016-12-06 – 2016-12-07

On December 7, 2016 representatives of INFORM Rudi Klanjšek (University of Maribor) and Klāvs Sedlenieks (Riga Stradiņš University) attended the Balkan Summit "BALKANS – Boosting connections on the road to the EU” organised by Friends of Europe.

Representatives of the Balkan countries that aim to joining EU discussed the progress achieved so far and the challenges that lay ahead. The event was attended by a large number of people who are interested in the discussed issues as well as the Commissioner Johannes Hahn. Ridi Klanjšek as well as Klāvs Sedlenieks took active participation in the discussion session, pointing out the incongruences of the “official discourse” and the actual processes, i.e., about the gap between the formal and informal at all levels.  During the discussions in the intervals information about the INFORM was distributed to the participants both in form of the project “postcards” as well as orally.

Agenda_Balkan Summit_7Dec2016


Location: Brussels, Belgium

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