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INFORM is a project that brings together teams from nine European countries to conduct multidisciplinary social science research on formal and informal institutions in the Balkans. The three-year research project, launched in March 2016, is carried out in the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme.

The INFORM project is set to study interactions between formal and informal institutions in the Western Balkan societies in the fields of politics, economics and everyday life, as well as to track the influence of these institutions on the implementation of EU rules and regulations. Emphasizing the importance of interactions between formal and informal institutions, the project aims to produce original research and policy recommendations.

Informality is Global. Open call to contribute to the Global Informality Project. Please contact:

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"Informality is neither new nor unknown to any political system," Ilina Mangova, @IDSCS_Skopje #Macedonia

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Follow #FormalInformal Nirha Efendic's work here: #CISAR #BiH

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